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We develop disruptive technologies for the global implementation of the Internet of Value

ByEvolution Creative Factory, is a worldwide DeepTech company with the great potential to bring real changes to society through its technological and scientific developments.
Since 2017, Byevolution has designed, implemented and deployed NDL (Neural Distributed Ledgers) technology through its partner pipeline by providing the needs and requirements related to the new paradigm of Internet of Value.

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internet de valor

What is Internet of value?

  • Trust
  • Private Property
  • Digital Assets
  • Decentralization
  • Management
  • Security
  • Colaboration
  • Financing
  • Marketing
  • Automatization

Internet of Value with NDL tecnology



Business Services Network for the Science & Technology Parks of Spain


atyum platform

The marketplace and exchange for Internet of Value

ATYUM is a decentralised disruptive marketplace and exchange that specialises in marketing for all kinds of complex digital assets.
At ATYUM, you can find the most exclusive tokens in sectors such as the arts, sports, gaming, cinema, music, real-estate, finance, business services, business future, law, intellectual and industrial property...and more
ATYUM allows you to physically safeguard your own tokens.

atyum platform

NDL Technologies (Neural Distributed Ledgers)


NDL Arca is a distributed container for digital assets that guarantees their safekeeping and transportation throughout the entire token life-cycle.
NDL Arca can operate in standalone, mirror, and cascade mode, or as part of a P2P digital asset escrow network.

Digital assets

NDL ArcaNet evolves the concept of Blockchain into a network for the direct transfer of digital assets between end users.
NDL ArcaNet provides scalability, efficiency, and sustainability to the Blockchain ecosystem by eliminating mining & consensus concepts, applying Blockchain in a completely innovative and disruptive way.

Design the future with us

Would you like to work on innovative projects, overcoming technological challenges, and working with cutting-edge technologies?
Do you want to participate in the development of the first ever Blockchain-based cyber-secure mail client?
Would you be interested in collaborating in the development of token marketplaces across multiple sectors, such as sports, collectibles, works of art...?
If this is something you think you’d be interested in, we're looking for people just like you!


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