About ByEvolution


The appearance of Bitcoin in 2008 showed that a decentralized technological platform that would allow secure management of direct economic exchange between individuals could be a real alternative to traditional financial markets.

The impact and adoption of Bitcoin in its first ten years of existence was such that it opened the debate on the possible obsolescence of physical money and, by extension, of the entire financial ecosystem.

From Bitcoin emerged a whole generation of platforms, products and software solutions by exporting their decentralized protocol for the secure exchange of data outside the financial sphere. They have enabled the emergence of new decentralized collaboration paradigms that, like their financial predecessor, threatens the validity of traditional business models such as B2B, B2C, …

Blockchain is the proof that a disruptive and emerging technology can change the world the way we know it. At least that´s what we believe in ByEvolution.


ByEvolution is a company specialized in the study and implementation of disruptive technologies that have the potential to change the paradigms and traditional business models of the corporate world and markets.

To achieve this, we have focused on the following strategic areas:

  • Consultancy
    Detect the real use cases where the application of emerging technologies changes the traditional rules of the game.
  • Projects
    To reconcile the theoretical world with the real implementation in companies.
  • Formation
    To train the companies personnel in the exploitation of the new models and tools.
  • Technological evolution
    To adapt technologies to the needs of business ecosystems.


  • BIT (Blockchain Institute and Technology)
  • Barcelona Quantum Bit
  • QWA (Quantum World Association)
  • Aerospace Systems Cluster
  • UMA (Universidad de Málaga)


Ramón Cano

CEO - Chief Executive Officer

New technologies proffesional with 25 years of experience in the sector in managerial areas. INDRA, NIXDORF, SMILE, ADQUALIS. He has been an AMETIC member, a member of the ICT Advisory Board of the Computer Engineers College of Catalonia, teacher at the PDD Digital Bussines in CEF-UDIMA, Andalusian CEO of the "Empresa & Clima" Foundation, and founding member of Barcelona Quantum Bit, among others.

Juan Francisco Yudego

CSO - Business Development Director

Senior Product Owner with more than 20 years of experience in the planning and implementation of projects based on R + D + i, as well as extensive experience leading consulting projects for the adoption of ITIL practices and ITSM services in large technology corporations. Economics and Master degree in Financial Macroeconomics. He has assumed managerial positions in companies always linked to the technology sector.

Juan Carlos Martín

CFO - Chief Financial Officer

Manager with more than 20 years of experience in areas of management and business development. He has a wide professional background as a manager at companies in sectors so diverse as HR, automotive and information technology. In the telecommunications sector, mention should be made of its presence in companies such as VODAFONE.

Carlos Velasco Blanco

CTO - Chief Technology Officer

Computer Engineer and Project Director, expert in disruptive technologies, has led technological development and implementation projects in European countries and Mercosur since 2007, working for public administrations, health and financial sector as ISBAN-BANCO SANTANDER.

Antonio Ignacio Sánchez


Lawyer specialized in law and ICT sector, electronic commerce, intellectual property and data protection. LANDWELL (PricewaterhouseCoopers), JAUSAS and GRUPO INTERCOM, Legal Counsel and Secretary of the Boards of Directors of INFOJOBS and SOFTONIC, among others. Director of the Information and Communication Area Technologies at TORNO ABOGADOS. Master and postgraduate professor at UB, UPF, La Salle, UIC.