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Tokenisation needs a fresh approach for Internet storage

introduccion polygon arca polygon arca polygon arca extension polygon arca polygon arca polygon arca vpn_lock Token storage Arca is a database specifically designed for the cyber-secure storage of all types of tokens Portability Arca can be used to protect tokens on all types of physical media (QR, SSD, HDD...) Extensible Arca incorporates a framework for the development of all kinds of extensions that extend its capacity as well as a wide set of predefined extensions Cybersecurity Arca guarantees through double encryption that only the rightful owner of a token can access and operate with it. Performance Arca allows massive transactions (150.000+ tx/s) and can be installed on all types of devices (Raspberry, Android, Docker containers and dedicated servers). Blockchain Arca seamlessly integrates with Blockchain technology (NDL Retis and Hyperledger) Background

Slide With Arca, digital tokens are physical as well Slide Arca allows tokens to be physically moved between Arcas devices and the Blockchain hyperledger retis logo HYPERLEDGER ribbon

1 The content is identified by a universally unique code so that it is fully identifiable in any environment. This code acts as a key within the "key-value" storage model, where the value is always encrypted. The password for each token will be provided by the user and if not, the system will apply encryption so that all the information always remains under lock and key.

Arca allows you to create as many groupings of tabular databases as you want, so that tokens can be organised in domains or tables with non-static columns. This allows you to change the content and structure of a token to transform the value according to the user's needs.
Do I need a private server? How will my data be stored? Only works in a blockchain network? Background
2 No. Arca is primarily designed for a blockchain network where no node has to act as a dedicated server, so no dedicated hardware is required to run it. Depending on the environment, Arca can be configured in such a way that we can take advantage of the full power of the system or diminish its impact.

Memory consumption is minimal and it is capable of processing large amounts of data simultaneously.
Do I need a private server? How will my data be stored? Only works in a blockchain network? Background
3 No. Its architecture is based on blockchain but it is fully installable on any system. We can create a centralised dedicated server with Arca or simply as a database system in the cloud. Its ability to replicate information, create hashes of its content and distribute it across the network makes it the ideal choice for a blockchain network or as a directory of NFTs. In addition, its ability to add extensions allows Arca to be adapted to the specific needs of the environment in which it is to be installed.

Its API allows any operation to be performed on the database system. It does not have SQL language but we can manage the storage through statements in the CLI very easily.
Do I need a private server? How will my data be stored? Only works in a blockchain network? Background

Version 1.0.0 - Token CRUD
- Monouser access (by key)
- Token access restricted to token owner (by key)
- Multicored engine
• Features
- AES encryption
- Import and export of tokens
- Database packing and unpacking
- Batch processing
- Token code listing
- Command line interface
• Characteristics
Version 1.1.0 - Multiuser extension
- Multicluster extension
- Cyphering per DB
• Features
- Simultaneous access to several users (with password)
- Extension to a multicluster system
- Choice of encryption type (AES / Threefish)
- Ethereum token templates
- Token renting
- Stellar token templates
- NDL token templates
• Characteristics
Version 1.2.0 - Core balancing
- Packed DB reading
- 2nd level cache
- Mobile Arca (Android)
- Webassembly Arca
• Features
- Load balancing • Characteristics Background


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