Company that drives technology security NDL, recognised nationally

Malaga, Feb 17 (EFE) - The Malaga-based company Byevolution, which has created NDL (Neural Distributed Ledger) technology with the aim of making company data and transactions more secure, has been recognised this Monday as an Innovative Technology-Based Company (EIBT).

The National Association of Spanish BICs (ANCES) has awarded the recognition to Byevolution for operating in one of the high-tech sectors that invest in advanced research and development of its sector and also have an innovative product, as explained in a statement by the Bic Euronova centre, based in Malaga.

The executive president of Byevolution, Ramón Cano, told Efe that the company's "focus" is to "bring the most disruptive technologies to the business world" and stressed the importance of increasing security and obtaining reliable information and data in companies.

Cano announced that on 1 April, thanks to NDL technology, they will launch a pay-per-use service that will allow companies to certify documents and files and store them directly in a blockchain network, which he highlighted as " one of the key differences" with respect to other blockchain technologies on the market.

It will also allow the use of "cyber-safe" e-mails and the possibility to trade in registered assets.

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