NETCheck and ByEvolution Creative Factory sign partnership agreement

In order to meet the high demand for Blockchain solutions, NETCheck and Byevolution have signed a partnership agreement to continue adding value to their services and increase the viability of the new business models that will be required in this new disruptive environment.

NETCheck is a company specialised in IT consulting and software development, in SAP, Microsoft, Open Source, Big Data, BI and Artificial Intelligence environments.

Over 19 years, it has developed projects for more than 60 companies in more than 15 countries, incorporating best business practices.

It is a Microsoft Partner, with Gold Certification: in DevOps, Data Platform and Application Development and a SAP Service Partner since 2003.

Its services cover the areas of: Business Intelligence, Collaborative Environments, GRC and ICT Governance, Software Development, ERP, e-Government, Artificial Intelligence and Procurement Digitalisation.

ByEvolution Creative Factory is the technology company that has developed NDL (Neural Distributed Ledger), the Blockchain technology that was created with the aim of boosting the development of the Economy and Industry 4.0, capable of managing massive transaction and data environments, guaranteeing the viability and security of IoT, Big Data and AI environments.

Byevolution launches a service platform that responds to the current business and social needs in terms of trust and cybersecurity, as a result of applying a new concept of sustainable and scalable Blockchain technology, fully oriented to the business world from its creation.

Technology solution:

technology represents a paradigm shift in the world of current Blockchain solutions.

Developed entirely by ByEvolution Creative Factory, NDL technology has functional and technical characteristics that differentiate it as a result: massive transaction management, low latency, low energy consumption, regulatory compliance, file custody in the blockchain network.

NDL represents a new generation of Blockchain solutions that responds to the needs of Industry 4.0.

NDL Technology Products:

NDL Equo:

Framework for building decentralised applications (dApps).

NDL Retis:

Collaborative and multidimensional Blockchain node network of private infrastructure.

NDL Integra:

Interconnection of Blockchain networks to establish cross-asset markets.

Services BaaS (pay-as-you-go) based on NDL:

                NDL Flowkeeper:

                Digitalisation, automation and certification of industrial manufacturing processes.

NDL Mailkeeper:

                Certified and cyber-secure mail, secured by blockchain.

NDL Dockeeper:

                Digital asset holding on blockchain and Marketplace.

The signing of this partnership agreement expands NETCheck's range of services and solutions, enabling it to take on all stages of a Blockchain project from its start to its future maintenance and evolution.

ByEvolution now has a new global business partner, with important references and capabilities in different countries and sectors.

Last paragraph: In short, by signing this partnership agreement between NETCheck and ByEvolution, we are combining our knowledge, experience and passion for innovation to expand our range of services and solutions, allowing us to tackle all stages of a Blockchain project from the beginning to its subsequent maintenance and evolution.

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