Research, Development and Innovation

At ByEvolution we are aware that R + D + i is one of the fundamental aspects for the development and growth of a business organization.

It is evident the inseparable relationship that exists today between the capacity of innovation of a company and its competitiveness.

The importance of having specific departments for this task is nowadays more than evident when it comes to increasing business intelligence in any company.

The required synergies between companies:

  1. Key part of the productive system; university, talent kitchen.
  2. Public administration, as support and reinforcement for innovation and social development.

These two make up the ideal mechanism for the correct implementation of R+D+I projects.

Under this premise, ByEvolution, as a company sensitive to disruptive processes and its implantation in the business world, has promoted strategic collaboration agreements with the University of Málaga (UMA) and public entities in order to enhance the Andalusian technological ecosystem, with the aim of positioning it to the height of the great European clusters.